Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal 

 We provide mercury safe removal dentistry and only use biocompatible materials for ideal restoration.

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Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

If you see metal fillings in your teeth, that means at some point you had a cavity that your dentist filled in with amalgam. Most dentists only use composite (white filling material) now. But it used to be very common to fill all teeth with amalgam, especially molar teeth. Now days people do not like to see silver in their mouths. And many people are concerned about the mercury in amalgam cavities being harmful to their health.

Mercury in fillings should be removed safely

Removing amalgams with our special machine which absorbs all mercury vapors to avoid the patient breaths the toxic vapors of the mercury and it is also safe for our dentist . 

Here at Dr. Grace Ordonez Clinic, we are well aware of the systemic effect your mouth has on your whole body. The materials used n dentistry can have either positive or negative subsequent effects; we provide mercury safe dentistry and only use biocompatible materials for ideal restoration.

If you have old mercury fillings, we can remove them safely at Dr. Grace Ordonez Clinic. There are specific protocols and rules that have been set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) for the removal of old mercury fillings. We follow this practice when we replace old mercury fillings. In doing so, not only are you being safe from harmful mercury vapors, but we are too. Bioaccumulation of mercury in our environment is a global concern that we are well aware of. In effort to protect our environment, we have a mercury retrieval system that traps 99 % of dental mercury to inhibit it from flowing into our local Waste Management system.


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