This specialty of dentistry deals with eliminating infection from the root canals of teeth and restoring the health of the supporting tissues.

Saving the natural tooth that has been damaged by decay, fracture, abscess, etc. is the sole purpose.

Retaining a tooth with endodontic treatment is in most cases far better than extraction and replacing the missing tooth with a prosthetic device. Before the treatment, your tooth will be examined and the entire treatment protocol is explained to you and you are given the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Endodontics 1

If a less favorable prognosis is anticipated, or if difficulty arises during treatment, it will be discussed with you. If healing does not take place, further procedures such as retreatment or peri-apical surgery may be employed to save the tooth. Despite our best efforts, approximately 5% of endodontically treated teeth may fail and require extraction.

We at Dr. Grace Ordonez Clinic perform the procedure to immediately relieve the toothache caused by pulp inflammation or infection. Our highly skilled doctors make the procedure easy, accurate, comfortable (reported by patients) and some in single sitting (depending on the case) by means of high-tech machineries like:

  • 3D x-ray machine
  • Apex locator
  • ROOT-ZX mini (Endo Motor)
  • FDA approved medication

If a problem arises during treatment, please feel free to call our office. You may be secure in the knowledge that one of us will always be available to resolve your problem or answer your questions.

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